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All Voices are Heard

We discover and amplify the voices of those who have been historically silenced, oppressed and  misunderstood to foster a world of understanding and a harmonious coexistence. 

Amplify is for leaders* who wish to use their voice as an instrument of change:

We at Amplify provide the tools, resources, training, platform and exposure to amplify leaders’ voices so  they are heard in a way that makes a measurable and positive impact in the world. Through Amplify’s  offerings, we give voices to those who have been historically silenced, oppressed and  misunderstood. Armed with new tools for effectively communicating, leaders are able to discuss any  issue while offering perspectives that foster a world of understanding and a harmonious coexistence. 

*A leader is defined as anyone who wishes to have their voice heard in a way that will positively impact  the world.”


We support our speakers to deliver their unique message in a way that will impact the entire audience, and hopefully the world


As those voices who have been systematically oppressed begin to break the silence, it will cause a ripple effect of change

Our story

The History of Amplify

“All voices are heard and make a profound difference in our communities and around the world.”

This is the mission of DEBx and its founder, Deb Shapiro. For over a decade, Deb Shapiro has been developing the talents and businesses of some of the top keynote and motivational speakers in the industry. In 2017, she created a speaker development experience called DEBx, designed to show emerging speakers how to use their voice as a powerful instrument of change. Through onstage appearances and videos, DEBx has touched tens of thousands of lives since inception.

Creation of AMPLIFY voices

When Deb saw that her commitment to “All Voices are Heard” was not true for those who have been sex trafficked, she felt compelled to do something. It led to the formation of the new non-profit organization whose commitment is to provide a platform for voices to be heard in a way that is safe and transformational for those participating.

The speakers will be referred to as Storytellers, and they are going through a speaker development program, similar to those who participated in DEBx. Instead of investing in the training program themselves, they are being sponsored to go through the program. They will share their message on stage and may or may not speak to their specific experience in sex trafficking directly.

If you are familiar with DEBx, let us tell you how AMPLIFY Voices is different. Each speaker will be going through an almost identical same speaker training program, with the addition of trauma informed care for our “storytellers”. 

The speaker training program is rigorous and can be confronting in and of itself, and our goal is for each speaker in this special edition event to feel held and supported on a deep level, as they discover what it is that they would like to share on stage. 

For some of our speakers, this is the first time sharing their story. For others, they have had a passion for breaking the silence for some time and this will allow them to refind their message and reach more people. 

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